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Blue Planet Energy

Joe Schwartz

Designed, assembled, and tested in Hawaii by Blue Planet Energy, Blue Ion is a best-in-class energy storage system that provides unparalleled safety, reliability, and performance. Blue Ion is precisely engineered to offer simple, fast, and repeatable design and installation. We offer the safety of Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LFP) cell chemistry, the confidence of a 15-year warranty, the durability of 100% depth of discharge with no impact on cycle life, and the freedom to choose your preferred inverter brand. Every Blue Ion system you install is backed by the coolest and most experienced team in energy storage.

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NewSun Energy

Jake Stephens

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Carolina Solar Services

Jordan Nance

Carolina Solar Services (CSS) provides turn-key maintenance services for large commercial and utility-scale PV asset owners. If there is a need on the array side of the interconnection, we put boots on the ground and handle it with class-leading  professionalism.


Oxbow Sunworks

Morgan Southard

Oxbow Sunworks has mastered design, engineering, and construction of utility-scale, community solar, commercial, government and residential solar.

Join forces with Oregon solar businesses that are leading the way.

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