Key benefits for OSEIA members include:

  • Advocacy: Policy and regulation are key to the solar industry and OSEIA has been successfully influencing Oregon's energy environment since 1981. Our successes have been... and continue to be.... MASSIVE! Programs such as community solar, the residential energy tax credit, & utility scale development programs should not be taken for granted and need our continued support!
  • Voting Rights: Vote for OSEIA board of drectors
  • Committee Participation: Participation in OSEIA’s policy, regulatory, development and educational efforts through involvement in our committees
  • Industry Information: Through our newsletters, breaking news, policy reports, and other communications, OSEIA members are sure to hear it first so they can pivot in a dynamic marketplace. Receive special reports on industry related topics including policy and legislative issues, technical issues, technology, code updates, professional training and development opportunities, and RFPs
  • Stakeholder Interests: Coordination with other industry stakeholders through events and peer-to-peer networking opportunities
  • Member Resources: Get priority access to OSEIA’s knowledgeable and experienced staff & board of directors to help deal with permitting, legal, and other issues. Get timely, in-depth analysis from OSEIA's policy experts
  • Member Discounts: Discounted registration for OSEIA sponsored events such as professional training & The Oregon Solar Energy Conference as well as partner discounts to non OSEIA events such as SPI, NABCEP and local events
  • Promotion: OSEIA can promote you! Whether you've just launched a new product, put out a press release, or are hosting an event, OSEIA's media team can help spread the word. Submit your news, press releases, career opportunities and events to our newsletter, website, and calendar. We also direct media referrals to members.
  • Power in Numbers!


Membership Dues

OSEIA Membership dues are based on the combined total of your Oregon revenue from solar energy related products/services from the last fiscal year. All of the members of your organization are eligible for member benefits. 

*Please note, OSEIA membership dues are paid annually, and memberships expire twelve months from your enrollment date.


Tier 1 Voting (non- voting)

Revenue less than $150K - Dues: $300 (reserved for non-solar specific businesses)

Tier 2 Voting

Revenue between $0 - $750K - Dues: $500

Tier 3 Voting

Revenue between $750K - $2M - Dues: $2,000

Tier 4 Voting

Revenue between $2M - $3M - Dues: $4,000

Tier 5 Voting

Revenue between $3M - $4M - Dues: $5,000

Tier 6 Voting

Revenue between $4M - $5M - Dues: $6,500

Tier 7 Voting

Revenue between $5M - $10M - Dues: $7,500

Tier 8 Voting

Revenue above $10M - Dues: $10,000

*Manufacturers & Distributors: Dues follow above schedule and max out at $2,500


Union Voting

Dues: $1,000

Gov't / Non - Profit 

Dues: $500


Dues: $500

Professional Voting Individual

Dues: $500

Non Voting Individual

Dues: $100

Student (non-voting)

Dues: $50

Code of Ethics

By joining OSEIA, you will become a member of an organization that is committed to the highest ethical standards for the solar energy industry and thus who consumers and other businesses trust. All OSEIA member companies have agreed to adhere to OSEIA’s Code of Ethics.

Join forces with Oregon solar businesses that are leading the way.

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