2019 Solar Bill Tracker

Breaking News – HB 2618, Solar Rebates for All, passes the Oregon Legislature! Read more here >

2019 OSEIA Legislative Priorities

HB 2618 - Rooftop solar + storage incentive

Oregon has not had a statewide solar incentive for the past year and it is hurting customers across the state who want to install solar but need some support to make it happen.  HB 2618 provides a rebate for up to $6,000 or 40% of the solar system. Unlike other Oregon incentives, this grant program would be statewide, allowing access to all Oregonians. The addition of battery storage paired with solar allows for resiliency in the face of emergencies. HB 2618 has bi-partisan sponsors in both chambers.

HB 2496 - Improving the Green Energy Technology 1.5% set aside

Oregon public buildings that receive state funds to build or remodel are required to dedicate 1.5% of the project cost to green energy technologies.  While some great solar projects have been built across the state, other projects should have been built but ended up not complying with state requirements. HB 2496 seeks to make the law more flexible while also making sure it is properly followed.  In addition, the bill includes solar paired with battery storage to count toward the 1.5%. Update May 20th, 2019 - HB 2496 passed both chambers and is on its way to the Governor for her signature!

Bills OSEIA strongly supports

HB 2322 - Updates Oregon’s land use goals to allow solar projects to seek goal exemptions
HB 2329 - Increases the size of projects that need to seek EFSC approval and allows projects to seek county approval instead of EFSC approval
HB 2020 - Clean Energy Jobs, creates a cap and trade system in Oregon

Bills OSEIA opposes

SB 451 - Allows waste incineration to accrue RECs, weakening the Renewable Portfolio Standard