New temporary rules passed banning solar on farmland

Jan. 28, 2019

Last week the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) heard public comment on proposed rules that would ban large solar projects from class 1 and 2 soils  (essentially, the Willamette Valley) and place serious restrictions on class 3 and 4 soils. 

OSEIA's Executive Director, Angela Crowley-Koch, testified on behalf of OSEIA members that the proposed rules came after a flawed process, one that did not fully take community solar or dual use projects into consideration. She, along with others, recommended that the rules be delayed until additional information could be considered.

The hearing was extended for an additional day and the commission ended up delaying adopting a final rule.  They made three changes to the rules, two of which are small improvements, and adopted the rules as temporary until the March 21st LCD meeting. The public comment period has been extended to February 15th.

While it is still an uphill battle to make significant improvements to the rules, a delay in adoption is a small victory to allow for a more in-depth consideration.  Thank you to the OSEIA members to came to testify and to Renewable Northwest for leading the effort to oppose and improve the rules.

Stay tuned - we'll be back in touch and will need your help submitting comments in February. 

OSEIA Oregon Solar