Solar Industry Remains Critical of PUC Draft Solar Report


August 10, 2016- Oregon’s solar trade association filed comments today leveling serious criticisms in the state Public Utility Commission (PUC) proceeding that is developing a report on solar incentives for the legislature.

The Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association (OSEIA) said that it “regrets that the process has been significantly below the Commission’s usual standard of excellent public process and the draft product reflects that poor process.”

“Frankly, I was shocked at both the quality and the content of the draft report,” exclaimed Jeff Bissonnette, OSEIA’s executive director. “This is not what we’re accustomed to seeing from the PUC. Instead of thoughtful analysis that moves the conversation forward, we got a draft report full of unsubstantiated assumptions and wild guesses at the future of solar in Oregon.”

Bissonnette noted that the report is only a draft. “We have the opportunity to significantly change the tone and content of what the PUC gives to the legislature. We suggest that the Commission tell the legislature the truth: the policy landscape has changed since 2015 when they were asked for a report and the Commission needs time to evaluate all the changes.”

The Commission has scheduled a workshop for Monday, August 15 and a second draft is due to stakeholders in the proceeding on August 23. The PUC has a deadline of September 15 to submit a report to the legislature.

A copy of OSEIA’s comments can be (found here). A copy of the PUC’s draft report can be (found here).


The Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association (OSEIA) is a trade association founded in 1981 to promote clean, renewable solar technologies. With a membership of 75 businesses and organizations, we work with industry leaders, academic scholars, legislators, government, and non-profit agencies to advocate for solar technologies and raise awareness of its potential to help secure an affordable, reliable, and clean energy future.

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