Residential Incentives

PV Incentives

PV Utility Rebate Programs

*Administered by Energy Trust of Oregon. Used in conjunction with Federal Tax Credits
To learn more, click below and visit Energy Trust of Oregon's website regarding Solar Electric for Homes.

Federal Tax Credits

Federal tax credits are 30% of system costs of the total system cost after incentives (e.g. Energy Trust) which are paid directly to the contractor. These tax credits can be taken in the year the system is operational or can be carried forward if the credits exceed tax liability. There is no pass through option for federal tax credits. There is no maximum credit for systems placed in service after 2008.

To learn more, click below and visit the US Dept. of Energy's website regarding Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credits.

Thermal Incentives

Federal Tax Credits

The Federal Tax Credit is equal to 30% of expenditures, with no maximum credit. Eligible solar energy property includes equipment that uses solar energy to generate electricity, to heat or cool (or provide hot water for use in) a structure, or to provide solar process heat. Hybrid solar lighting systems, which use solar energy to illuminate the inside of a structure using fiber-optic distributed sunlight, are eligible. Passive solar systems and solar pool-heating systems are not eligible. 

Visit US Dept. of Energy's website regarding the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit.
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