Community Solar Program update

The Program Administrator just released the draft requirements for Project Manager participation in the program and responses are due by June 27.  The opportunity for providing input is different than anticipated - they are essentially using a survey to gather input from individual companies.  However, OSEIA will be replying to the survey as well so please both complete the survey yourself and also email Angela with your comments.

Also note that a workshop/webinar is planned for July 11, from 1-4pm in the ETO's Portland office. This will be focused on pre-certification requirements, and I believe we may see a draft on that topic by the end of this month (i.e., once the project manager comment period ends). It would be helpful to have industry people at the July 11 workshop, or to call in, if you're able. When we see the draft for those requirements we'll have a better sense of urgency around this participation, though it's safe to assume that numerous important aspects of the program (i.e., eligibility and application criteria) will be included in the draft.

OSEIA Oregon Solar