Oregon Resource Value of Solar Update

Once again we would like to thank all of you for your support of our efforts in the RVOS docket, particularly those providing necessary funding that made our response possible! This docket is critical to all residential, commercial, and community solar systems in OR and it will very likely have an impact on small utility projects in the future. The outcome of this docket will impact our efforts to increase net metering level in 2019 so it will have a near term impact even if it’s not used directly in a program. 

OSEIA’s consultant, Tom Beach, was cross examined under oath by the PUC commissioners at the June 25th RVOS hearing in Salem. Tom provided testimony during all three utility dockets, responding to both commissioners and utility reps as needed. The testimony positioned OSEIA well for the final stages of this phase which is scheduled to wrap up in October. OSEIA is preparing our final briefs to be delivered later this month. 

OSEIA Oregon Solar