Policy Update - 1.31.18

We now have the official bill number for the Home WRAP residential solar incentive we are advocating for in the 2018 short session.


It’s bill: HB 4121, official information on the bill is here. The bill is sponsored by Representative Marsh from Ashland - if you have a second please send her a thank you for your support email! (her contact info is here). Other representatives signed on to the bill include: Representative Keny-Guyer, Noble, Olsen, Sanchez as well as Senator Boquist. Please thank them as well!


We are working closely with our lobbyist and energy efficiency colleagues to shepherd the bill through it’s processes and will keep you informed on the progress. This is a short session and things will either go very fast - or it will stall. We have a chance - I’m not sure what the odds are yet but we should know more within the first week or two of the session as it’s only four weeks long.


Stay tuned and as always if you are an OSEIA member and want more information on policy issues like this join the Policy Committee. We have provided updates on the progress of Home WRAP through that committee.