Policy Update - 1.19.18

Due to the recent very low Resource Value of Solar (RVOS) values filed by all three Investor owned utilities (PGE, PacifiCorps, and Idaho Power), OSEIA has filed to intervene in three PUC RVOS dockets.


RVOS is incredibly important to the solar industry as it will be used to set the community solar credit level - if the credit level is too low it could scuttle the program entirely. Don’t think this can’t happen as it has happened to the largest community solar program in the nation in CA. That program started several years ago and has nothing to show from it. This is exclusively due to the fact that their credit was set far too low.


RVOS’s potential impact does not stop with community solar. It will also be used to evaluate all net metered customers in the near future. A low RVOS value could undermine the solar industry and solar customers for many years to come.


We cannot afford to let this happen and we will not. As an intervenor we will let the PUC hear directly from OSEIA.


We’ve engaged with Crossborder Energy, one of the countries premier consultants on net metering and value of solar regulatory dockets to assist us with our review and response to the utilities submittals. This will take time and money to turn the tide on this issue but we cannot afford to take this issue for granted - it could severely damage our community solar and net metered customer base for the next decade.


We will keep you updated on our progress as we begin to form our testimony in response to the utilities.