Action Needed: RETC under threat to expire

SUBJECT: Gov Brown is suggesting that the RETC expire
ACTION: READ BELOW - email us your stories and data about the benefits of the RETC over the past decade.
DEADLINE: July 10, 2016

OSEIA Members,

Late Friday evening, OSEIA got a letter that the Governor sent to the Joint Legislative Committee on ODOE Oversight that, among other things, suggested letting the Residential Energy Tax Credit (RETC) expire. While the letter also says we need to do stuff about climate, it doesn't say what or whether the spending level would be equivalent to RETC.

There was a meeting today with the ODOE Oversight committee, OSEIA was there, and while nothing specific happened there is alot of work ahead of us and we do need your support. We are optimistic!

For now - please email us your stories and data specifically regarding how the RETC has impacted your business, employees and customers over the past decade. Feel free to mention employee growth, revenue data, importance of the RETC to encourage homeowners to go solar and other supporting information.

Email your letters on your company letterhead to or before July 10, 2016.

Questions? Please ask.

Governor Letter on RETC et al

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