Congrats to an Exemplary Member, North Coast Electric

Dear Mark, Karry & Kendra,

We wanted to take a minute to thank you for your tremendous leadership and support for Oregon’s Solar Industry. Over the past few years we have seen the industry grow and with it North Coast Electric’s participation is outstanding.

The OSEIA members spoke for the industry in February 2016 through electing Kendra to yet another term as a board member. Additionally, the OSEIA Board of Directors made it clear who they wanted to lead us by voting in Kendra as our Vice President!

OSEIA’s technical training program is a huge part of our mission to support the solar industry, not only in Oregon but throughout the Pacific Northwest. North Coast Electric’s participation in hosting these trainings throughout locations in Oregon and Washington has been invaluable to us; we are excited to expand and continue this relationship in 2017.

The Oregon Solar Energy Conference is OSEIA’s biggest fundraising, training and networking event. We have grown from 171 attendees in 2014 to over 400 attendees in 2016. North Coast Electric’s support at the Presenting Sponsor level in 2016 was another testament to your commitment to our success.

At its core, OSEIA is a member driven association, having North Coast Electric as an OSEIA member is a huge benefit to our industry. Power in numbers! and it is no secret that North Coast Electric is a large business in the Pacific Northwest. This goes a long way as we negotiate projects and programs with a variety of stakeholders.

OSEIA recognizes North Coast Electric as an exemplary member, supporter and stakeholder!

In service,

Jeff Bissonnette – Executive Director

Craig Ernst – Development Director

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