Canadian Solar's Featured New Products

CS6K-MS: 60-cell mono PERC "Superpower" for 9% more power. Our new high-efficiently PERC mono offers the highest power density module we've produced yet! With module efficiencies greater than 18%, customers can enjoy increased production without the premium. The most readily available power classes are 290w and 295w. The PERC mono is available in an ALL BLACK format, and a black frame / white back format.

CS6U-M: 72-cell mono for systems up to 1500 V. We've re-tooled our 72-cell workhorse into a high performance mono format. The most readily available power classes are 335w and 340w. The CS6U comes with a clear frame and a white back sheet.

CS6U-P: 72-cell poly for systems up to 1500 V. All CS6U modules are on track for UL 1500V in 2017Q1 and are constructed NEXTracker Short-Rail System ready - 400mm holes are included on the module flange. Our stringent quality control system put our panels in the top ranking of California Energy Commission's PVUSA Testing, leaving 12,471 other P-type silicon panels behind. The most readily available power classes for CS6U-P are 320w and 325w.

CS6K-M: 60-cell mono with enhanced reliability. Our new five busbar technology offers superior low irradiance performance in the morning, in the evening and on cloudy days, increasing the energy output of the module and the yield of the solar system. The CS6K-M is available in an ALL BLACK format, and a black frame / white back format. The most readily available power classes are 275/280w for the black frame / white back sheet version, and 270/275w for the ALL BLACK version.

T4 Connector: New field-installable PV connectors. We're now in the connector business and all our new modules include our new connector! The T4 Connector is certified for UL 1500V DC system voltage and has an IP68 rating for highest ingress protection for water / humidity - which increases the reliability and long-term stability of the connector significantly compared to the current industry-standard IP67 rating for connectors. In addition, the new Canadian Solar connector portfolio supports a broader operating temperature range of -40ºC~+90ºC to allow the usage in very hot climates such as the Middle East, Central America and others. The NEC-compliant locking mechanism secures against vandalism and against unplugging under load for maximum safety and protection. What else? The connector is field-installable and can be crimped with an MC4 crimping tool.

CSI-23/28/36KTL-CT 3-phase 480VAC transformerless string inverter offers multiple MPPTs to accommodate multiple arrays mounted at different azimuth and/or tilt angles, different string lengths – even different size modules. With a 98% CEC conversion efficiency and a wide operating voltage window the inverters provide a solution for maximizing power generation. The use of 1000VDC will enable BoS cost saving.

    • 23kW, 28kW, and 36kW units are in stock
    • 50kW and 60kW units arrive January 2017
    • Max. efficiency of 98.6%, CEC efficiency of 98%
    • Multiple MPPTs to achieve higher system efficiency
    • Integrated DC and AC disconnects
    • Separate but integrated combiner box design
    • Transformerless design
    • NEMA 4 (IP65), outdoor application

Contact David Reasenberg, Regional Sales Manager Northwest, for more information.