OSEIA Wants Your RETC Stories

Fellow OSEIA Members:

Last week, OSEIA staff alerted us to Gov. Kate Brown’s letter to the Joint Legislative Committee on Oversight of the Oregon Department of Energy. In her letter, she suggested that the Residential Energy Tax Credit (RETC) and some other tax credits be allowed to sunset.

We all know that ending the RETC now with nothing to take its place would be devastating to our industry. And we are in the best position to tell that story.

Several of you responded – and we thank you! – but we need more stories. Please take a moment to write out a few of your experiences with the RETC. We need your stories to include in communications and lobbying activities over the next few months. Send your write-up to Jeff Bissonnette at jeff@oseia.org by July 10.


Laurie Hutchinson

OSEIA President

PS. Don’t forget to mail your RETC story to jeff@oseia.org by July 10.