Crowdsourcing an Oregon Solar Policy Agenda

OSEIA’s recent Oregon Solar Energy Conference (see full conference report below) featured the kick-off of the policy agenda development process to create a comprehensive solar agenda for 2017.

The first day of the conference featured a policy track that focused on Oregon’s solar future as well as how to work with consumer-owned utilities and within the regulatory system to advocate for solar. The day-long policy track ended with a session on “Crowdsourcing a Solar Policy Agenda.” Session participants generated and scored ideas for policy concepts and the top-scored ideas had breakout sessions to get practice about how to strategically think about issues.

Sound like fun but you weren’t able to be at the conference? Never fear – you can add and score ideas, too! Just go here - - and throw your ideas into the mix.

After people start adding ideas, we’ll let folks take a look at what others are thinking and give a chance to offer feedback by scoring the ideas. We’ll provide a link to the list next week. Until then, go contribute some great solar policy concepts! We’ll be collecting them through the end of June.

PolicyJeremy Ross