RETC SB 1507 Rulemaking and Solar Thermal Meeting

NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING Residential Energy Tax Credit Advisory Committee

Oregon Department of Energy

625 Marion Street NE

Salem, OR 97301

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

2:00 p.m.

Call-in number: 1-888-273-3658; access code: 3125235

The Oregon Department of Energy invites stakeholders to participate in an advisory committee meeting to review proposed draft rules for the Residential Energy Tax Credit program implementing SB 1507 (2016) sections 4 and 5. SB 1507 places a $1,500 a year per device claiming limit for all Residential Energy Tax Credits, except for alternative fuel devices. ODOE will post the draft rules prior to the meeting on its rulemaking website. ODOE plans for these rules to be effective when SB 1507 is effective in June 2016.

This meeting will also include a discussion about using the Total Solar Resource Fraction (TSRF) when calculating a Residential Energy Tax Credit for installing solar thermal domestic water and swimming pool heating systems. TSRF measures the amount of useable solar energy at a site, accounting for shading and collector tilt and orientation.

During a 2015 rulemaking, ODOE removed TSRF from the tax credit calculation for September 1, 2015 through December 31, 2016 for solar thermal domestic water heating. The rule left TSRF as part of the calculation for 2017 and beyond. The 2015 rulemaking added TSRF as part of the calculation for solar thermal swimming pool heating devices beginning in 2017.

ODOE committed to collecting data and working with stakeholders to discuss the tax credit calculations for solar thermal systems in relation to first-year energy savings. This meeting is the first of these discussions. Based on these discussions and further analysis, ODOE may amend the RETC rules effective January 1, 2017.

Meeting materials will be available prior to the meeting:

Please email ODOE at for more information or to provide written comments and feedback.

To request an interpreter for the hearing impaired or accommodations for persons with disabilities, please contact ODOE at least 72 hours before the meeting at 1-800-221-8035 or fax 503-373-7806. TTY users should call the Oregon Relay Service at 711. Reasonable accommodations will be made upon request.

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