What is Oregon's Solar Potential?

OSEIA members and supporters all know that Oregon is a great place for solar. But what is solar's potential in the state? That's a key question as we look at policy questions and deal with issues like net metering, incentives for installing solar on rooftops and developing utility-scale projects.

An exciting project that OSEIA has undertaken is to create an "Oregon Solar Business Plan" to outline the potential that solar energy has over the next ten years in Oregon.Initial findings will be revealed at the Northwest Clean & Affordable Energy Conferenceon Thursday, Nov. 17 @ 10:50am

OSEIA is working with the Green Energy Institute, affiliated with Lewis & Clark Law School, to do the research on three key questions:

1) How much solar is currently installed in Oregon?

2) How much solar can we install between now and 2027?

3) What is standing in the way to achieve that level of solar?


The Oregon Solar Business Plan will serve as a benchmark to advocate for policies and plan for more solar in a strategic way. Once the plan is completed and released in January 2017, we will be using the plan as a rallying point for ongoing solar advocacy.

To find out more about the Oregon Solar Business Plan, contact me, Jeff Bissonnette at jeff@oseia.org. To contribute to the project, contact OSEIA Development Director Craig Ernst at craig@oseia.org.

Let's use that plan to help Oregon go solar!

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