Utility Solar is Here in Oregon

OSEIA member Obsidian Renewablesdevelops utility-scale solar projects. Its most recent project is dubbed the “Black Cap” project in Lakeview, Oregon. An 8 MW project, it is about to go online very soon and will be supplying power to Pacific Power customers. The project features SolarWorld panels and Obsidian always requires hiring workers from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

Obsidian believes that the support of local public and private entities, as well as citizens of surrounding communities is important to the success of each of the solar facilities it builds. Its newest project is no exception where they’ve worked to establish strong relationships with the county commission, city leadership and local businesses. They show how solar can be a good neighbor.

OSEIA Executive Director Jeff Bissonnette visited the project in September and was impressed with the excitement that the whole crew working on the project showed in bringing one of Oregon’s larger solar projects online. “OSEIA is proud to be able to support companies like Obsidian that are changing the way Oregonians power their lives,” he noted. “We look forward to more projects like this in the future.”