Affinity Marketing

Program Overview


The purpose of the Affinity Marketing Program is to offer additional value to members that benefit from B2B opportunities with other OSEIA members. The proceeds from the program go directly towards expanding OSEIA's operating and program capacity.


By participating in OSEIA’s Affinity Marketing Program, your customers are going to recognize commitment to the future of solar energy in Oregon! OSEIA’s affinity marketing program can unite businesses’ success with OSEIA’s success!

OSEIA takes pride in the partnerships established with this program and wants them to be successful. In this simple program, the participant makes donations to OSEIA based on sales of a particular product or service. The consistent branding gives the consumer confidence that their purchase is smart and has affinity for the resource. We will work with participants to find the right avenues to promote products/services - from partner advertising to advertising offerings on our website, partner dollars work twice as hard! 

The small amount pledged for each item sold goes directly to support OSEIA’s mission.

Contracts run on an annual basis from the date of signing. Contributions from the program are payable quarterly starting from the date of signing or the date of distribution, which ever comes first. While OSEIA encourages and supports the success of your offering it is not in any way responsible for the results in marketing of said offering.

Participant Benefits 

  • Logo placement on OSEIA website Affinity Marketing Partner page
  • Logo in quarterly Affinity Marketing Partner e blast
  • Company landing page with unique url, logo, description of your business & offering, + employee highlight section. 
  • Expand your customer base while supporting your fellow OSEIA members.


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Join forces with Oregon solar businesses that are leading the way.

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