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Energy Trust of Oregon
Energy Trust of Oregon is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping utility customers benefit from saving energy and generating renewable energy.

Building Code Division (BCD)
Oregon's Building Code Division provides code development, administration, inspection, plan review, licensing, and permit services to the construction industry including both electrical and plumbing. 

For more information regarding building permits, visit this page.

Construction Contractor Board (CCB)
Oregon's Construction Contractors Board is a State agency that protects consumers by regulating construction contracting businesses. Oregon law requires that all types of contractors who perform work on residential and nonresidential structures in Oregon be licensed with the CCB.

For more information about the Contractor Liability Insurance MAP (Market Assistance Plan) please visit this page.

Oregon Department of Energy
The ODOE administers the Renewable Energy Development Grant and Residential Energy Tax Credit (RETC). Find more information about the ODOE and solar energy on their website here.

US Department of Energy
The US Dept. of Energy administers the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC). For a full list of financial incentives by state,
click here.

Click here for OSEIA's website policies including financial transactions processed through our site.

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